Bellurie, New Stuff..

In my Tassels and Fringe post (, i mentioned my friend Jennifer Umeh who is a stylist.. She's an International Relations graduate who lovesss fashion and has decided to turn it into a job,so she has set up her styling company called Bellurie.

These are some of the work she has done.

She has styled Musicians-Zara and T-Flava(in the middle)

One Dress, Two ways to wear it.                                                                        

       In other news,last week, i saw these Masai-like bangles i really liked, but they were more than what i was willing to pay for, and the man selling them wasn't cooperating with me..At the end of the day, i ended up getting them for free(Thanks to a good Samaritan)... Take a look at them.

Also,last week i was reading through Bella Naija when i saw this amazing collection by a Nigerian designer called Alali. One particular dress caught my eye and i couldn't just get it out of my mind, so after countless emails, i finally got my dress yesterday. Its really pretty and I'm really excited about it. Cant wait to wear it.

                                                                 Bye people


  1. Omg i have those Masai-like bangles too!(never knew thats what they were called) niceeee!!
    lovely blog btw!

  2. Thank you Sonia.. I have no idea what they are called,just think they look like something a masai warrior would wear..lool

  3. lol my friend got it for me in Abuja she said thats where they have a lot and it's way cheaper too but most people always ask if i got them from S.A?
    haha Masai Bangles it is then! lol

  4. Hey Segi,

    Where did you find the bangles?? I've been looking for those all over! Have any idea where to get them in lagos?

    Yay! The dress! Put up a pic when you wear it...

  5. Hiii Oroma. I will surely do a post when i wear it. I bought the bangles from Eko Hotel(where they change money).

  6. jenny u .. yayyy..gigi i just saw dis ur dress in bbella naijas blog today and i and my colleagues were sayn hw pretty it is nd tada! u have it lol nice..