'Santa Baby' Challenge: Geriee's Entry

Geriee looks killer in this outfit. Love what she did with ankara. Check her out on her blog  http://berry-haute.blogspot.com/

To enter Our 'Santa Baby' Christmas Challenge, all you need to do is send us your pictures in outfits inspired by traditional Christmas colors, so Green/Emerald, Red/Wine/Burgundy, Gold/Bronze, White/Silver. Please send them to our email address "akintaylor01@gmail.com" and your pictures will be posted on the blog. Like we said, you don't have to follow our blog to win. For more details, please see our post here


  1. dammit Hair envy, I want her hair :)

  2. Very sexy and tribal! Loove it, Lala x

  3. This is a redefinition of fashion and style.... I love it and will go for it>>>>Excellent!!!!

    Jerry Odeh