DIY- Side Part Wig

Last year, I decided to start taking care of my natural hair. My hair stylist advised me to stay away from weaves and let my hair breathe. I wont lie,it has been a serious challenge, but so far so good, I haven't had a weave installed in two months. Yayyy me!!.

I knew that i wasn't ready to go around every time with my hair, so i decided to make a wig. As i had no idea on how to make one, the salon was my next call. I asked them to make me a u- part wig and gave them my hair extensions. Upon collection, i was charged higher than we initially agreed on and my precious hair extensions looked obviously scantier(that's the one that pained me the most). So i vowed never to repeat such in my life, yes that's how annoyed i was.

A thousand youtube tutorials after, i felt ready for the world!.lol. It took me two whole days to make this wig, so don't be fooled by how easy it looks when you watch those tutorials.

Here's how i made it.

What you'll need:
 I shaped needles
Weaving net/dome cap/ whatever you feel like using
 Hair extensions
Wig stand (a Styrofoam head is a better option, but i didn't know where to get one)
Scunci combs/ wig combs(below)

When i was done sewing all the hair to the weaving net, i cut out the L shaped space i had drawn out on the net(sorry i didn't take a photograph of it) so i could leave my hair out. I attached the scunci combs and Voila!!.

I think i did a pretty good job although i would have preferred if the fringe covered half of my forehead, but it didnt work out. What do you guys think?



  1. Nice. One wouldn't even notice. Good for you
    I won't even bother trying tho.

  2. oh wow...well done!!! Looks really nice

  3. You did a great job, well done. You should think about making a business of it, seriously

  4. turned out great if you ask me!

  5. hair is not alive therefore it can't "BREATHE". BTW, the wig turned out fine....... good job

  6. yep I am doing the same thing. Comes in handy when your hair is a mess.

  7. You tried, Segi! Really.
    It looks perfect on your head.
    I'm inspired to make a wig too.
    My hair is kinky and I hate having to get sew-in weaves cos my scalp gets so dry and itchy and stuff.
    Thank you and well done!

  8. Thank you guys for your compliments. :)

  9. I think you did a good job since its your first time!

  10. you did a fantastic job!! well done!

  11. hi! Please where did you find the wig stand??? been looking for one to hang my wig on. Please help!

  12. Hello Anonymous, i bought the wig stand from a shop that sells wigs in ogudu. Hope that helps

  13. Thank you S and S : )

  14. Hi, where exactly is the scrunci comb placed in the wig. I'm trying to make one now and I'm lost.

  15. Really lovely, You did a great job..I must say so..

  16. Hello, where did you get the wig cap you used?

  17. It looks really nice. Please where did u get ur wig cap from? And any idea where I can get a dome cap too? Thanks