Feel Good Finds Vol. 7

Hey guys, I can't believe this wasn't posted on here until now, I posted on Instagram and got totally carried away... Does anyone agree that Instagram gets in the way of some real good blogging? It just seems so much easier and straight forward to post on Instagram & I sometimes wonder if people even come here or just see our posts on Instagram and move on, hmmmm. The dynamics of blogging have definitely changed over recent times, do you agree?

Moving along from my epistle, please see the details of our awesome finds. As we said on Instagram we are announcing a Christmas Giveaway soon with some of our favorite #feelgoodfinds so #staytuned guys... And for everyone that still visits our little space here, thank you so much, we love you and appreciate all your support. Have an awesome week guys.

L- This gold Lady Biba dress is perfect for this party season and can be worn to dinners and weddings, Lady Biba did great with this and with a N15,000.00 price tag, we can't complain.

Middle Top - These co-ordinates from Iconola are too cuteee, perfect casual wear for the holidays.

Middle Bottom - Treat yourself to this banana bread from Honey Frosting this cake season and gift to your friends while you're at it.

Right - These hats from 24 apparel have become such a phenomenon, everyone's crazy about them (and it's not just the men), do yourself a favor and get some street cred in these super cool hats or gift them to your loved ones this Christmas. Create a great vibe and ambience in your homes this holiday with this candle from Bath Kandy & Pamper your skin with scrubs from The Scrub Station.

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  1. Love it all! I think I want to make banana bread for Christmas :)

    Berry Dakara Blog

  2. Instagram might just be the future of bloogging. Its faster, straight up, with a lot of audience.

    Merry Christmas dear.