LWDs and the Royal Wedding

Hey Guys,

I bet you made history with me on Friday the 29th of April 2011 watching THE Royal Wedding Live with billions of others. The ceremony was soooo beautiful, I loved it. Princess Catherine's Dress was perfection.
This brings me to the latest LWD (Little White (ivory/cream) Dress) Trend. This trend is really catching on and I blame the Royal wedding, but hey I'm totally loving it. For me, these dresses are even better when they are sheer, lacey and pleated (who am I kidding, I love anything pleated).

The H&M White Collection has a couple of pretty LWDs

So on Friday I wore my royal wedding day dress (yup I had one, you can hate me now *sticks tongue out*), I love this dress and it is pleated toooo :)

And then I decided to change to flats, how dope are these shoes, I loveee

Can you tell how much fun I was having ;) Have a wonderful weekend guys.


Dress-TK Maxx, Pumps-Miss selfidge, Oxford Shoes-Urban Outfitters, Satchel-Primarni, 2nd Bag-Vintage, Rings-Primarni&Wallis.

P.S- This is such a long post, sorry guys was having way too much fun :)


  1. Wooooow! This is so far my fave post. I loooooooove d dresses here. I want!!! Esp the first pic of d two models. Their shoes r awesomme! Shalewa, u luk amazin in ur white dress. I love the brown shoes and d pumps and ur dress is d kind my mum would buy for me and say "elegant". Lol

  2. Ooh Abeni! I'll be expecting that vintage purse in the post. Thanks.

  3. Omg! I have those Urban Outfitters Oxfords! Fierce! Loving the vintage purse.

  4. Awww, thanks Lara, Waila baby I already posted the purse and Daks thanks, I love these oxfords they are so cool, I think we might have a couple of "same things" I saw 2 already from your last post ;)

  5. i love your shoes (BOTH OF THEM)...and that dress! sigh*,your style is AMAZE!

  6. i was not expecting those flats, but i absolutley L O V E them!!!

  7. Very cute dress! And the shoes (both pair) are HOT!! I'm headed to UO's site right now to try & find them