Royal Wedding Fever!!

Honestly, initially i could care less about this wedding, especially as caring wouldn't get me free lunch anywhere, but the Royal Wedding bug finally bit me.. I jumped up from my sleep to watch it and i lovvvved it..It was so beautiful, everything about it was lovely.. I pray my wedding will be half as good( not asking for too The HATS ,ooh la la,i loooved them (shally hook me up with a fancy hat *wink*) . Most of the ladies looked lovely and elegant,some were offfff though...These are my Top 7 Hats (no particular order).

Zara Phillip- She looks really glamorous.

 Princess Maxima of Holland - i really like this turbanesque hat.

  Tara Palmer-Tomkinson - She deserves a royal title for this outfit.

  Miriam Gonzalez Duantez - I love this turban, i want it!!.

Trust Frau Beckham not to disappoint, simple but very elegant.

Countess of Wessex- I love how this hat is half headband, half hat.

I know i said Top 7, but hey they are sisters and its one picture..*smile*

                             Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice - Personally, i like these hats, i don't think they belong in the worst hats category.. How often do you see hats like these??.. I'm sure Mrs Anumudu would soon go and find Phillip Treacy( who made majority of these hats and for other guests at the wedding) to make special numbers for her..

                                             I  LOVED  this lady's hat the most..



  1. Lmao! Segi, u luk ridiculous (but pretty)! LOL! I loved VB's hat and tara's own as well. Those were my faves!

  2. Segi, the last two hats deserve to be in the worst of the worst category. The wavy antenna one was especially scary. Lol. I love the Nkiru Anumudu part< made me laugh out loud.
    *yimu* at your own picture. Psych yourself :p

  3. lollll, Segz loved urs the most, heheehe, i agree with Damisola the last two hats were something else

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  5. loool...i really like them..Princess eugenie's one is just like Tara's.. The nude one is abit scary but its nice..Thank fiky,i know mine is the best..

  6. As for princess Eugenie and Beatrice I reserve my comment. Those hats are hideous especially the hat Beatrice wore(she looks like a deer) as Joan Rivers said they both look like the wicked step sisters (SO NOT COOL HATS) gats to make them

    Loving Tara Palmer-tomkinson's look tho she stole the whole event...gats to have/

    Posh wasn't bad either but black for someone already thin...hmmmm hmmmm