Tassels and Fringe

Last weekend ,i spent my Saturday helping my friend Jennifer out at her shoot(she's a stylist)..It was alot of fun,even though it was so stressful...I have a new-found respect for models and stylists now,their job looks really easy on the surface but it isnt.. Her friend, Dami, was her model(shes also a fellow blogger -http://dangelola.blogspot.com/ ) and shes very good..Trust me, i got her to teach me some poses,that i will soon be unleashing (I'm joking o). Hopefully, I'll post some of the pictures,once i lay my hands on them, so you guys can see how good they are..

       This is what i wore.

                               I finally found use for this belt since i got it a year ago..Looks like a curtain tie back,love the tassels and colours.

            I love the fringe detail on these shoes,the colour is really nice and they were dirt cheap(thats probably why i bought them, i loveee cheap nice things..lol)    

 Pictures Taken by Charles Adeyemi(he also did my friend's shoot).

I'm sure you guys have noticed that my sister posts more often than i do, the reason why i don't post as much is because my Bar finals are in two months so I'm busy with that(and a million other things)..As soon as I'm done with my exams, i shall blog everyday *smile*

Shirt and Belt- H&M.
Jeans- F21.
                                                         Bye y'all


  1. Love the belt, and the shoes and the oversized sheer shirt. Love the outfit.

  2. this is lovelly, i love flats! and dis one got me wishing :)..u def were in a good mood, d colors are happy

  3. thank you for not inviting me for the shoot...nice belt wld never have thought to use it like this

  4. Thank you Uduak.. Temilade no words

  5. U look gorgeous.....in luv wit d combo