Tutti Frutti

 And another weekend bites the dust, its crazy how by Sunday its already Monday *sigh*... Still gotta be thankful for life :-)... The "fruit print" is quite popular right now; Prada, Stella Mccartney, & Moschino Cheap & Chic all have these prints in their Spring 2011 Collection:

But ofcourse you can always trust Primarni to hook a sister up, so I wore this to church today, Hallelujah...I'm wearing my very faithful red pumps from Faith, I've had them for a while now, love them so much...

Have a great week guys


  1. Love this dress I couldn't find one in my size :(

  2. I had to see the dress. It looks lovely on you :)

  3. Hi shally, so today during break I went to a store and I saw dis dress o, but it came in two colours dis yellow sunflower n a redish wine, I went for d yellowish sunflower cos of dis post :)

  4. And I found d Aldo necklace, won't have gotten it if nt for you :)