Adéy Soile - The Adéy Woman

Hey Guys, how's everyone doing. IT'S FRIDAY, Halleluyah!! 

Sometime last year, we posted one of our series, Where to Shop: Work Edition on Adey Soile, a brand focused on workwear for women, and we got a couple of emails enquiring about the brand. If you are in need of an upgrade in the workwear department, this is definitely for you. The brand recently released the lookbook for its new collection, the Adey Woman. 

See pieces from the Adey Woman collection below.

The Adéy Woman  
She is the woman you see applying her mascara through traffic but confidently steps into the office looking stunning.

She arrives with purpose at business meetings, already looking like she won the deal and unsurprisingly slays it. 

She’s part of the chic group of girls you can’t ignore at the bar laughing, living and looking good doing it.

Adéy Soile is a contemporary female clothing brand whose aim is to revolutionize the modern working woman’s wardrobe. The brand uses a minimalist and simple approach to create classic timeless clothing that can be worn year after year. The aesthetic is structured, our cuts sophisticated and strong whilst being incredibly feminine, enhancing your silhouette. What’s more, these pieces easily translate to various outings, so day to night just took a whole new meaning.

Photography: Gr8an/ Cre8ivarts
Styling: The Adey Soile team
Check out Adey Soile on and on Instagram: adeysoile

Have fun this weekend.


*Just Cavalli*

Hey guyssssssss, hope everyone's doing great... Don't worry guys, we are very much alive and doing great... There's been a lot of adjusting to do with so many ongoing changes.... Segi's gone off to school in London *insert tears* and she's still settling in, we've also been working on new stuff for amongst many other awesome things.

I recently pulled out these pictures from my archives, they were shot by my wonderful wedding photographer turned friend Jide Odukoya... We really should consider shooting at night, I love the feel of the pictures... The print on this maxi dress reminds me a lot of the Cavalli brand, popular for its bold and vibrant prints, nobody does animal prints like Cavalli... The dress is from Mango (old collection), it is flowy and extremely comfortable and I love it.... Oh yes, I was totally rocking my beautiful Anne Elise hair here too, read more about it in my post HERE.

Happy Independence day dear Nigerians.


Hair Review: Anne Elise Real Hair -Duchess Curls

Hey everyone, this review is a few weeks late but I resolved to do this post this week runs out.

A while ago, Salewa and I were contacted by Anne, owner of Anne Elise Real Hair, a hair company based in Lagos and the UK. She wanted to know if we would be interested in reviewing some of her products. Right off the bat, I got the sense that she was very passionate about her business, so when I received the hair, I wasn't surprised. From our communication I knew she was dedicated to giving the best. Note - I haven't met her before, all our communication was via email.

First things first, the package the hair  came in was AMAZING. I'm serious. I immediately sent her a message to commend her on it. Out of excitement, I opened it before I realised that I should have taken pictures.  I tried my best to put everything back the way it came. 

I received the Duchess curls in 12", 14" and 16 inches, colour 1/1b (not really sure what colour). I decided against dyeing the hair like I do to all my hair because I didn't want to change the curl pattern of the hair.

From the moment I installed the hair, I kid you not, I was getting compliments from everyone. Seriously.  I kept getting asked where my hair was from. The first week was a breeze with this hair. In the mornings I would just brush it with the paddle brush that came along with it and that was it. Nothing else. I could even just run my fingers through it and not use a brush. 

Week 2

Here I started using bendy rollers and my curling wand as the brushing had loosened up the curls. It was still manageable, but I had changed up the curl pattern. The hair holds curls really well. L

Week 3 

By the third week I decided to wash the hair, because my natural hair was very dry and I wasn't ready to take out the weave. This is how it looked after it had dried.

Afterwards, I used my curling wand to style it and viola, bouncy voluminous curls!

I will definitely recommend this hair if you are in search of curly hair that is versatile and easy to manage.

You can contact Anne Elise Real Hair by:
Tel: 08176642120 or 08103878447
What's app: +447834118309
IG: @anneeliserealhair
Have a great week guys.
Love, Segi

Anne Elise Real Hair - Cambodian & Russian Fede Raw Hair Blend (Curly)

Hey guys, I wanted to share with you about the hair I rocked over the past couple of weeks, its called the Cambodian & Russian Fede Raw Hair (Curly) from Anne Elise Real Hair... Although it was very different from what I'm used to, I enjoyed rocking it and felt like a Diva from the very first day it was installed... I got it the hair in 14, 16 & 18 inches, on hindsight, I should have gone with shorter lengths because I found that it was a bit too long... So these are great lengths for you if you are a lover of really long hair but if you are like me, you may want to go for  shorter lengths. I didn't experience any "tangling" and shedding was extremely minimal... I really enjoyed rocking the hair and would definitely recommend it to you guys. Check the pictures out and let them do the rest of the talking.

I loved how the hair was presented, absolutely beautiful packaging
I even got gifts :o)

The hair in its full glory

You can purchase this by visiting , they also offer a wide range of other options.


Bubblegum Pink

Top- Zara, Trousers- H&M (old), get similar pants HERE, Shoes- Kandee

Hey guys, its been a hot minute but don't worry, we  haven't abandoned the blog... About the outfit, I wanted to create a look that was playful yet dressy and I think the embellished top and the shoes make quite the statement... I rocked the same top from our StyleHQ shoot as seen in our post HERE, I've also rocked this top to work tucked into a high waisted pencil skirt and with a blazer over it (I've definitely had a lot of use for it and I love it, money well spent ;0)) 

Hope everyone had a good week, TGIF and don't forget to visit and shop at 


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