Feel-Good Finds Vol. 1

Hi guysss, so you know how you stumble on random nice things that just make you feel good... yep, we love nice pretty things, who doesn't? So we decided that we will be sharing our #feelgoodfinds with you every other Friday (just in time for the weekends), because we shouldn't allow good things pass you by right??? Apart from exploring and trying out new stuff, it will also be great for gift ideas. So cheers to our very first #feelgoodfindsfriday and #tgif

Welcome to throw pillow heaven, we seriously cannot deal. 
Throw Pillow, AminAmeen Design

 These pumps can do no wrong, an instant update to any outfit
Pumps, N12,800 from TNL 

 This Chilli & Basil Paste is a great update for meals, perfect for Pasta & dare we say Noodles
N1, 000 from PoshNoms

This oversized multipurpose purse had me from the start.
Purse by DFL available  at Grey Velvet from N4, 000

Too good to be soap, I will low-key try to lick this just to make sure. 
Soap prices from N1,500  at Luxe Beauty Lounge

Wishing everyone, a weekend full of really nice things :) :) :)


S & S

Princess of China

Heyyyy guys, how's everyone doing? I haven't blogged in a while so I was determined to do this post today. What do you guys think of the name of the post? Thinking of post titles are like writing an essay.. Struggle!! I thought this one was funny and I wanted to be cheeky so enjoy it.

As you can see, I'm in China at the moment and it is soooo...Big Fat Lie.. I'm in good ol' London o. I'm naughty, I know.. lool. I found this Chinese tea house in a park near where I live and I thought it was so beautiful. As soon as I saw it I knew that there was no way I won't take some pictures there. There's a lake beside it and its so funny, there are several ducks in it but just ONE swan. I'm not sure if it it is just a coincidence or there is a scarcity of swans. 

I got this Japanese(yeah I know, maybe I should have called the post 'Princess of Asia) kimono from a vintage shop in Paris called the Kilo Shop. Their pricing system is so cool. Just like the the name says, whatever you pay is dependent on how much it weighs, just like buying frozen food.

Anyway I saw this kimono and even though I didn't know where in the world I would wear it to, I couldn't resist. It paid off in the end you seeee :). Not all impulse buying is bad (excuses, excuses).


So many things I love in this post. The tea house, my hair, these mules woohhh. In fact goodbye. lool. Thanks to my friend, Kariba for taking my pictures.

Kimono - The Kilo Shop
Shoes - Office, get here


Vlisco : ‘Connoisseur of Style’

Hi guyssssss, so the good people over at Vlisco headquarters in the Netherlands sent me lovely fabrics as a selected 'Connoisseur of Style'. I love mixing vibrant prints but what I love the most is the freedom to make whatever I like with fabrics. I decided to mix prints for this chic jumpsuit with the help of Aima and it turned out great, I got so many compliments.

Vlisco will be launching its first store in Nigeria on Saturday 18th of July 2015, at the Ikeja City Mall located at Obafemi Awolowo Way, Lagos. Everyone is invited :o) , come get some fabolous fabrics and meet me, you will find me in my Vlisco outfit and my smiling face, see you there.


Sunday Best : Mono-Pink

Hi guyssssssssss, most of you know (from our instagram) that I am currently going through a whole new phase in my life, Motherhood, oh boy, I may need to do a "What I wish somebody told me" post. All in all I am so thankful, these days I find myself just randomly saying "Thank you Jesus" whether in traffic or random moments at home, God is good. After this epistle, I know you guys can't be too harsh on me.... I'm in a different headspace and I don't want to "force" things and this includes blogging. A huge shout out to mummy bloggers like J'adore Fashion who make it look so easy, heyyyy... I'm feeling really pretty and girly in my monochrome pastel pink outfit, I hope you enjoy my Sunday Best.

Dress- ASOS, Shoes - Ferragamo