Dress-Zara, Shoes-Office, Necklace- Dorothy Perkins

My last weekend was quite eventful, I spent it with close family and friends. It was my friend Fiky's nephew's 1st birthday, we all had such a good time... This outfit made me feel like a little girl going for a party, lol.

 Fiky & I

In other news, I'm really tired of this weave...I really want to rock my hair but the length is weird, I don't now what to do. Tried to do do a twist out but ended up looking like a mad woman...When I take braids/weaves out the hair seems so long but once I decide to just leave it out it poofs down like it never even grew fedup.com... The only reason why I haven't taken this weave out is beacause I feel it has to spend a certain period on my head, lol (how many of you can relate?)... I'm all the way in Edinburgh and its so hard to find a good hairdresser... Alright alright, I've bored y'all enough...Have a fab fab week guys.



  1. lol...i can relate to the weave thing(timing)...love the dress tho...so pretty

  2. i love that dress, no scratch that- i want it...... NOW! lol! every assessory is a good match! i like!

  3. Beautiful ensemble...from head to toe!