Roses & Pearls

Trench- Topshop, Turtle neck & Skirt- Primark, Necklace&Bag- Thrifted/Charity Stores, Shoes- Miss Selfridge

So it seems that many a times, I lack the ability to escape the "lookie here I'm a lady" look but hey I embrace it, its part of my style :o) ... This skirt is so pretty and I'm quite sure I will love it forever, I also wore it in this post. Some of you may have noticed this car from our very first style post, basically I am intrigued by vintage cars, my phone is full of random pictures of vintage cars I've come across, I love them.

This is quite late but happy thanksgiving to our American blog readers, we are thankful for you guys :o) ... Hope y'all got great deals on black Friday, we'll love to hear about your black Friday bargains, even if it makes us green with envy.

Guys please don't forget to enter our Christmas competition. To enter Our 'Santa Baby' Christmas Challenge, all you need to do is send us your pictures in outfits inspired by traditional Christmas colors, so Green/Emerald, Red/Wine/Burgundy, Gold/Bronze, White/Silver. Please send them to our email address "" and your pictures will be posted on the blog. Like we said, you don't have to follow our blog to win. For more details, please see our post here



  1. Love the Skirt!

  2. I love the skirt. Really pretty and the pearls give a very vintage feel to the outfit.

  3. Kai! Hope they still have it at primark!

  4. Thanks guys...@sisiyemmie, its been ages since they had that skirt o, I doubt if you'll find it :(

  5. oh this lovely skirt! pairing it with black gives it a whole different look. i likey