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Dolce & Gabbana brought some sparkle in their A/W 11' collection with these pretty star print dresses.

The Stars are currently obsessed

I may not have these lovely freaking expensive D & G dresses, but I can most definitely rock the trend as you can see :o)... I copped the star print jumpsuit I'm wearing from Primark for only £13... What are you waiting for? ...And because I know that you'll love the "star print" trend too, I found these for you:

This Vero Moda Star Print Dress is now £16 and you can buy it here 

This Oasis Dress is quite similar to one of the D & G Dresses, you can get it here for £70

Its been a minute, how's everyone doing? Wishing you all a fab fab week.



  1. Im sooo racing to Primark because of uuuu

  2. Those booties/footwear are tres belle! How comfy are they?

  3. Oh shally, that dress is so cute. suits your skin tone.

  4. fabulous! you never did make a post about your fitness regime/diet :( i requested it like 3 times :(

  5. very pretty!

  6. Im all about longsleeves and chiffon fabric! p.s i've missed the chronicles of a bargain queen series!

  7. @Sisi Yemmie, run run runn
    @HoneyDame the shoes are very very comfortable
    Thanks a lot Uduak & Southerners from the north
    @Anonymous I only saw your request once and tried to explain that I honestly do not have a fitness regime/diet per se...I hope to some form of post though, pls be patient with me :o)
    @Bibi I've missed them too, I actuall have a couple of new updates, hoping to post soon'ish :o)