My Scrapbook

Hey guys, I promise I haven't abandoned you :o)... So I'm in the process of clearing my room, kinda getting rid of stuff junk I don't need... One of the things that seemed to be taking over my room was the heap of magazines I've acquired over the past year... I don't understand why I can't just throw these magazines away when I'm done. My solution to this, was to make a scrapbook where I'd keep my favorite things from these magazines. After procrastinating for a while, I finally got the scrapbook in September and gradually started. I thought I'd share some pages from my scrapbook with you guys :o) ... So far so good...

Don't you guys see a fashion magazine editor in the making ;o)... As you'll have noticed, each page has a theme... The scrapbook is not quite finished and is still a work in progress, I've got loads of empty pages to fill... After cutting out the goods from my magazines, I've finally thrown away the huge heap & my room is a happy bunny :o) ... How's everyone doing? enjoy the rest of your week.



  1. That's a. Really great idea. I might have to try that. Kemi

  2. love it! and yes, i see a fashion mag editor in the making! love ur blog and am ur latest follower. would love to have u as my blog member too :)thanks

  3. I definitely need a scrap book or some kind of electronic folder/photo album. I have a mountain of magazines at home; I even have some in a rented garage somewhere in South London. I recently had to throw some away, at my husband's insistence, it was kind of liberating though, but I’m not gonna admit that to him. Thank God for, and otherwise I would have gone into withdrawal. I had to throw all of my hair magazines away as well. I know I'm going on a bit but I was attached to them and I need to rant.
    I suppose it's not as bad as the time my dad and sister secretly connived to throw a large portion of my fashion mags away (people never take magazine collecting seriously). Or the time my younger sister cut the eyes out of a dozen of my Vogue, Elle and Sophisticate’s Black Hair magazines because she was doing an art project on facial features and was making a blooming mood board. Can you imagine? She then had the nerve to try and guilt trip me into feeling bad for not supporting her in her artistic endeavours, cheeky cow, although I must admit she is rather talented. I now strangely feel that sacrificing a couple issues of my fav magazines was a worthwhile contribution to the development of her skill. How pretentious does that make me ~ all in a day’s work I suppose, lol.

  4. i totally do this...I cut out stuff for my fashion scrap book

  5. Thank you for the idea! When it comes to magazines I am such a hoarder!!!