Once Upon a Time - 06.04.13

Hey beautiful people..... Its been a long time coming, so today I'm sharing the most beautiful day of my life with you guys. Enjoy!
The stars of the day - My Wedding Gown was made by the amazing Veejay Floresca, after 4 sketches and 3 skype fittings she was created, it was everything I wanted, just enough lace, tulle, beading and embroidery to go round, Filipinos most definitely know their craft. My 2nd/Reception dress was a Tadashi Shoji dress, Golden Globe Award winner Octavia Spencer rocked this dress too, it was the perfect reception dress. A big shout out to my aunty who wanted me to experience the "trying on dresses with your mother" feeling, after trying on several dresses we both agreed that this was a winner.
 My favorite guy rocked an Okunoren Bespoke suit
 I wore these tiffany blue shoes by Aruna Seth - My decision to wear flats = Best decision ever
I turned it up later in the evening with these gold YSL Sandals and studded Zara clutch. The diamond earrings and bracelets were my "Something Borrowed" literally, LOL.

Everyone said I was very calm that morning, my wedding planner said she'd never worked with a bride that had breakfast.....chileeee I had some yam and egg with the sweetest pepper sauce ever, I didn't want to be a hungry bride, LOL.
Everyone getting ready.
 Me totally being the bride aka the most important person of the day.
My favorite part of my dress - THE BACK
 My girls were AWESOME, I love you guys so much
Segi wore a Max Azria dress, and my bridesmaids wore dresses by Vicky Tiel and Badgley Mischka. I bought the dresses all by myself shuttling between stores in New York, it was not an easy task but I was determined and it was worth it :o) .... A tip for future brides, you don't have to find your bridesmaids dresses at your typical bridal stores. I found these dresses, and my reception dress at the Evening Wear sections of stores.
Big big love to my sister friends Fiky and Misty, it is a testimony that they made it to the wedding... They were both involved in a terrible accident on their way home from my bridal shower/hen night a week before the wedding, but as always God is above...The crutches were definitely not stopping Fiky.

Now we are in Church...
 We are married, yayyy

At the reception.....
The Bridal Party sat at this table on the stage, think "Best Man" ...really that wasn't the plan, but we had to make the most with the logistics of our venue, still it turned out nice.
 Our colors were Mint, Silver/Grey and Blush

I've always loved the Cathedral length veil and I was not going to wear any other kind of veil... Having said that, it was a pain in the bum and a huge relief to eventually take it off.
 The whole crew, we look like we should be on the cover of a TV show or something.
My little homies, Joshua and Mayomikun - There was a script but let's just say things didn't go as planned, lol
 My Cousins looked so pretty in their mint dresses
My beautiful sisters wore custom made Lanre Da Silva Ajayi dresses, they were so busy being wonderful hosts that I didn't get a chance to take any pictures with them.
 In my reception Dress

I cannot begin tell you just how awesome that day was, but it really was. Our friends and family are the absolute best and I am so so glad that EVERYBODY had fun, don't believe me? Wait till our next post, it was such a good time that I didn't even remember to be upset about some of the naughty things some vendors did, I just sat up there and couldn't stop smiling. I pray for many many happy days like this for me and for you too, AMEN!!!


  1. absolutely beautiful. what a tasteful wedding . your dresses are amazing and your hair !!! everything is just perfect.


  2. First to comment, yay!!!

    I've been waiting for this post for forever!! Awesome dress, awesome bride, awesome wedding, awesome couple, awesome everything!! May your lives together to awesome too!!! :*

  3. I am in love with your dress. Simple georgous!

  4. Awww. You look amazing in these pictures. Your wedding must have been out of this world. Congratulations.I wish you a happy married life.

    And your wedding dresses, "faints". Beautiful beautiful beautiful.

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  6. WOW!
    Lovely Pictures!
    Your dresses??? Divine!!!
    Love the Mint, it's refreshing! :)
    LDA is one fab designer! Your sisters look gorge!
    May God grant you a beautiful home!

    Congrats once again!


  7. Beautiful!!! I concur on the flats and cathedral veil..Had both for my wedding...And had a 'Here comes the bride' sign as well...
    Beautiful dresses and wedding...you looked amazing...God bless!!

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  9. Too much awesomeness in one day. This is beautiful!

  10. Been waiting for this, your wedding looked absolutely stunning and I can just feel your happiness. Love your dresses and wedding colors (exquisite yet refreshing).


  11. This is so beautiful!!! Absolutely love your dresses!



  12. Amen!
    God bless your home.
    And I cried!...sigh

  13. very glamorous, love the colors and you look stunning and happy. Wish you guys all the best in your marriage. Happy married life dear.

  14. I have been waiting patiently on this post & it's more than mae up for the wait, simply LOVELY, wish you all the best in your marriage


  15. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Thanks so much for sharing. Again, wishing you the best of God's blessings on/in your marriage.

    Your dresses were GORGEOUS!


  16. Im taking notes!!!! WOW! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! That dress! everything! Coongrats again hun

  17. Beautiful pictures. Everything looks so tasteful. The Lord continue to bless you home.


  18. Hi Shalewa,

    Your wedding Photos are absolutely gorgeous...
    Wishing you a blissful married life...

  19. *Goosebumps* Absolutely Gorgeous, what a wedding standard. Congrats and be blessed even more!

  20. Jeez! babe you were definitely the star and the back of that dress was a close contender! lovely wedding, beautiful reception, absolutely stunning!

    Your sis and the bridal party also super fly! God bless your union hun!


  21. Wow the wedding looked magnificent. You looked stunning in both dresses and everyone else looked beautiful as well.
    May God Bless your union and be with you both every step of the way


  22. congrat girl.wish you happy wedlock.i heart your wedding gown. www.africaintels.com

  23. Thanks for the lovely comments and well wishes. God bless you guys.

  24. Amazing. that dress!!! where can i get the reception dress?seems impossible to find on the tadashi site

  25. Ur taste.. I reali dnt knw wah to say.. Bt me i love it.. Ur colours were superb.. Perfect colour for a glorious day lyk dat.. Nd for Fiky, wow a strng woman indeed... U were all lookin fab..xoxo

  26. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. God bless your union dear.

  27. Your wedding dress is the ABSOLUTE BEST! Just saw the back on BellaNaija and HAD to come see this post. SIMPLY magnificent! LOVE It!


  28. Wow!!! I love the wedding dress and the reception dress......you all look amazing
    I wish you the best in your marriage

  29. Wow!!! I love both the wedding dress and the reception dress......
    You looked geogeous.......
    I wish you the best in your marriage

  30. I luv luv luv ur reception dress, i dont mind wearing it for my wedding which is in the evening so is a perfect one, if you would like to sell it , pls call me 08159316711. your dress is gorgeous

  31. Beautiful. You really captured the romance. Love your wedding photography.

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  32. You both looked so beautiful in your dresses and I was so happy to be included in the experience! :D

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