Chronicles Of a Bargain Queen 2: The Thrift Edition

I'm back with my bargain tales. So another thing I love doing is thrifting for vintage clothes; you get really nice, classic and unique pieces and even better they are inexpensive :) ...There are however some expensive vintage stuff so it really depends on where you are buying from.
So where do I go? ---> Salvation Army, British Heart foundation, Cancer Research, Oxfam and other random charity shops, they always have great bargains. Apart from Charity shops there's also Cow Vintage which I absolutely love, there are also loads of online vintage stores.

I get the best deals at charity shops and apart from the rather unpleasant smell (lol) I quite like shopping there. I almost overdosed on thrifting at one point I had to stop myself. I must say though, that you have to be careful to know just where to draw the line between chic vintage and cray cray crazy.

Here are some of my fav thrifted items:

I absolutely love this bag, love its structure and details, it only cost £5 and even though its an old bag, it was actually brand new&had never been used when I got it.
The scarf's also one of my faves, I'm collecting vintage silk scarves right now. This scarf gives me that Hermes vibe. It was only £1.60 at the Charity Store. I know it costs way more at high street Stores that have vintage stuff.

I went through a phase where I was collecting Victorian blouses, I'm over it now, but I still love them. This blouse was £8 and the bag was about £6 (£5something), love that the bag is suede and the detail on is cute.

Heart these tailored high waist trousers, I wore them here they were £8.

All the above cost less than £10 and were from Charity Stores. Now ofcourse you can still achieve your vintage looks from brand new clothes in proper stores if you are not a fan of charity/thrift stores :)

What's a nice vintage outfit without vintage'ish accessorries?

Everything here's £3 and less except the bracelet that was £5 :) and the green&gold brooch I obtained from my mama. These were however not from charity shops but from high Street stores.

So when next you're passing by a charity store, give it a try, you never know what gem you might find.



  1. wonderful buys!! u'v got a good eye, it takes that to find great pieces at thrift stores..lovely

  2. Thanks uduak, I'm smilingggg

  3. i absolutely love vintage too and i totally agree with charity shops having GREAT stuff! they do smell funny though. really great stuff by the way.

  4. Bargain huntress!!!

  5. yaay!! Vintage!! Even though the word is currently being over and under used, i love me some vintage. Hoping to get over my fear of wearing used things and visit a thrift store.
    My fave is the suede bag

  6. love the new layout

  7. shalewa i love those ear rings...i want one pleassssssse

  8. Vintage! cant beat that... love 'em