Burberry's been bitten by a little buggie called Ankara

The African ankara print has come a long long way, it is definitely here to stay and rightfully so too. We know you'll always find these collections as they are all over the web/blogosphere. However the Burberry Resort 2012 Collection is post worthy, it features the beautiful ankara print. I'm just in awe because I'll never have thought Burberry could fall for ankara this way or even at all (lol), better late than never they say, this is exciting.

Oh dear ankara, I'm mighty proud of you :-)

Photo Credit- Natural Belle @ http://hairspiration.blogspot.com/


  1. wow!! it is amazing! look at d male model's shorts! lol..nyc

  2. Wow nice! very soon I doubt if we'll still be able to buy them so cheap as they used to be.
    It's all good, as long as it pushes Naija forward

  3. awwww my heart actually expanded
    Im so proud

  4. it's funny and almost unbelievable how Burberry visited the Jewel by Lisa studio then a while after started working with ankara looking prints...it's all good.