Foxy Loxy

If you read fashion blogs regularly, the name Jeffrey Campbell would surely ring a bell.. His shoes have taken over fashion blogosphere, and Yours Truly has been bitten by the JC bug too.. My initial love was for the Litas, but being that i am in Lagos, its very unrealistic to think of wearing them here. My attention quickly shifted to the Foxys, my poor eyes have suffered from constantly looking at pictures of the glittered , tapestry, suede Foxy Woods in all the colors. I have been fantasizing about these shoes for a while now, God must have seen how much i wanted them ...I just got them as a gift.

Say hello to my new friends.


Its Friday, yayyy.

Have a great weekend


  1. I love them!! I really wish i could wear these, but at 5'9 already i would be a giant!!! and i like the color you got them in, haven't really seen this color! lovely

  2. They are so nice. I truly need something like this. I bet they will be so comfortable too.
    Great taste babes

  3. awwwww wooden heels seem to be all the rave
    they are beautiful

  4. hey uduak, did you get the email we sent you? please reply it

  5. no i did not..pls resend to

  6. Thanks everyone...Cant wait to wear them..