Last Weekend

Had a blast this past weekend, I couldn't resist sharing...

 I wore this to the wedding... Got it as a gift from my cousin, it was actually bought at the "Le Petit Marche" event which takes place every last Sunday of the month in Lagos. The dress is from a Lagos based Designer called "Rogue Valleri"...It is a mix of raw silk and ankara, I think it is really pretty, I love it. I've searched frantically for a contact for the designer but unfortunately cannot find any...

Mrs O my beautiful host, and I...She has such a hot body even after a baby, she is my "motivation" to keep & STAY fit...

My shoes are Salvatore Ferragammo and my Clutch was a Christmas gift from my precious Fiky.

My beautiful friends...
Fiky (If you know me, you most definitely know her, lol), Toyin & I

Adaku of TWP ...her eyes are sizzling wooosh, love itttt

Nwabugo... Its funny how Bugo & I have become such great friends, she's such a wonderful girl :)

Us "QC-Y" girls from L-R: Adaku, Adaku's pretty friend Erenma, Hilda, Funke, Dunsi, Nwabugo, Shally

It was so good to see friends I haven't seen in ages, good times...


  1. all look beautiful! Bugo is lovely isn't she??!!! I love your dress!

  2. You look gorgeous! I have that exact same Ankara fabric.......can't even think of what I did with it

  3. whatt???? she's got a baby? wow! she's my inspiration too... Loved your ensemble (as usual)!you know you(infact Segi) and Sisi yemmie inspired the Ruby Woo look :)

  4. niceee... i want those cream shoes in the 2nd and 3rd picture tho :D

  5. Just beautiful, i'm loving your blog girlie! Not to mention the shoes, wow!

  6. The dress fits u perfect.. Nyc

  7. Yay! Repping Nigerian Designers! Lovely dress hun. Fab pics all round :)


  8. iCallMeYasminn2 July 2011 at 01:33

    I love your blog!!!
    You're so fabulous :)