"The" Zara dress

This Zara floral print dress is so pretty and feminine, and we are not the only ones that feel this way...

The Star...

The fans...

 Rebecca Ferguson, love her style

Lala Vasquez is so pretty

How dope does she look? I want her necklace

I tried to get the link incase anyone wanted to buy it, alas it is no longer available online. I had seen it a while back during my periodical stalking of zara.com. A few Zara stores still have it so if you like it don't give up, just look out for it ;-), oh the dress is £69.99.

The Zara dress reminds me of my floral print Michael Kors dress, my friend got it for me three years ago (awesome friend I know). I love this dress so much even after all these years. I decided to wear it today :-)

How's everyone doing? Hope your weekend's been great. Cheers to a lovely new week.



  1. it looks really nice and looks the same as the zara dress, just different colours

  2. I am not a big fan of floral prints but this surely is gorgy!Your Micheal Kors dress reeks of summer!loves!

  3. Love the dress and the floral prints--love the accessories of the last look!


  4. Thank you Sisi Yemmie, Chic Therapy and Stella, so nice to get compliments from you guys :)

  5. now that's a gorgeous dress!