DIY (Sorta/Kinda) : Karl Lagerfield for Macy's Dress

Do you guys remember when I was dreaming about this dress in this post ? I had made up my mind that I was going to get it the moment it arrived at Macy's, but then I changed my mind... I realized later that I had a dress from Zara that is similar except that it did not have a white collar... So I gave myself a new DIY do it yourself project, to make a big white collar!!! Alas it just seemed toooo long... So what did I do?

One Asos crotchet collar later, and ....

Dress & Shoes- Zara, Crotchet Collar - ASOS

I didn't wear the collar the conventional way (as seen on the asos model). I kinda liked it worn this way... yeahhh right, I totally didn't realise until this very moment that I wore it the wrong way. I planned to wear it the way the asos model wore it but I cannot even explain how/why I managed to wear it this way, it just seemed to be the easiest/normal way to wear it (like a bib), lol... But hey it worked, or so I'd like to believe... At least I now know 2 ways to rock the collar... How's everyone? Hope your weekend was great? Mine was fabulous,  my friend Mina was visiting all the way from Abuja :o) yup, I'm loved internationally, lol. Have a great week guys.



  1. lovely.., the collar works well! btw, i spotted Segi in this month's edition of Genevieve, looking fab.xoxo

  2. I LOVE this look. Love what you've done with the collar

  3. And your 'fro rocks

  4. thanks guys...@uduak, I got to see a picture of segi in genevieve via bbm, @gracie I see you ;o)