Wowie my hair has grown so much... Its been a year and about 4months since I cut my hair and I remember how obsessed I was about growth initially. I was such a product junkie and tried any and everything, I eventually just stopped taking it too seriously.... During the period I stopped caring so much the hair has grown a lot. I think initially growth seemed so slow because of how eager I was, I also think that once the hair grew to a certain point, it started to grow even faster ( I think,lol).

Back then...
September 2010 (Just when I cut it, my edges were so messed up)

November 2010

 December 2010 (my edges were getting better here)

June 2011

September 2011

The strike is finally over, and even in the midst of many doubts/uncertainties I'm so glad that its over. My prayer is that this (Occupy Nigeria demonstration) marks the beginning of a revolution towards a better Nigeria... God bless Nigeria.



  1. oh your hair is soo beautiful!
    i just cut my hair too, but not so low though
    i cant wait for it to grow and be this longg

  2. wow you really did have a lot of hair growth!

  3. Wow love the mohawk look!
    More growth ahead eh?

  4. Congrats! I felt the same way initially growth, growth, growth but now I just enjoy my hair. I am 21 months natural ( 9 months transition) and loving my hair . Keep it up :)

    @Mide It will grow just make sure you cleanse, condition and moiturise and seal your hair and you will see it flourish. :)

  5. you looked really cute with your TWA...

  6. Thanks Mide, don't worry it'll grow in no time, just take care of it, you tube natural hair tutorials is a good start...Thanks guys, I'm so glad about the growth :o)

  7. oh my your hair is great!!!

  8. Great to see the progress you have made. Do you have any tips for growing the edges? I have been natural for over 2 years and whilst I have good growth, my edges haven't filled up as fast. Thanks.

  9. Thanks Karis :o) ,Hi Abi I use natural castor oil for my edges and I believe its been really helpful, you should try it.

  10. hi Shalewa, it's me Goodnews. i cut mine in 09 and urs appears t b abt the same length as mine... good hair u have, what product & routine do u use??? is Segi natural too, if not, tell her she's missing

  11. Hi Goodnews, to be honest I don't really have a routine. I try to deep condition it at least once a week (this is when I don't have a weave or braids on). I also use a lot of shea butter for the hair almost daily and castor oil for the edges... Segi is not natural, I bet she's reading this too, hope she catches the hint ;o) lol

  12. amazing pics! Love the last dress! :)