Trending: The Return of the "Belted Waist"

 Balmain 12'
 Celine SS 12'
 Lanvin 12'
This is one trend I've had a blast with, I'm a fan and I bet I'm not alone... From adding a little extra to an outfit, to giving an over-sized top/dress some shape, the "Belted Waist" can do no wrong (well if you don't misuse & abuse it).

The belted waist aka cinching has been hot for a minute, however it seems to be making a big come back judging from Balmain, Celine & Lanvin's SS 12' collection... Well I say we can do with a little bit of cinching :o)



  1. I love "the belted waist"'s never out of fashion for me, cos I'm a size 0 and I always need sme synching here and there :)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. hey darl.lovely blog,if u want to keep in touch,follow me and i will follow right back...xoxo

  3. I love the belted waist, it gives the illusion of the hourglass figure for us girls with a little extra in the middle. love that Balmain.

  4. sigh Lord knows I've refreshed this page a zillion times in the past week. Not happy with the lack of posts guys :(

  5. Who designed the first outfit, the one with loud and bold prints?

  6. There does seem to be a greater allure to my figure when I define my waist, as far my husband is concerned everything I buy from now on should show off my small waist ( perhaps to distract from my bubble-rear).