Sunday Best: Peplum + Peter Pan + Pastel

Blouse&Skirt:Designed by me&made by my tailor, Shoes: Faith

So obviously I was inspired by all sorts, from peplum to pastel to peter-pan collars to Louis Vuitton's Spring 2012 ready to wear collection... I got this outfit made and I must say that my tailor was definitely up to the task, do you guys agree?... I had been saving this one yard of lilac raw silk fabric that my mum gave me and finally found the perfect blouse to make with it, I also found a strip of yellow lace fabric that was used for the collar in my mum's stash, the skirt is also raw silk and was actually made as part of a different outfit...
I like the fact that I can wear the skirt differently, maybe next time I'll wear it with a tee shirt :o)

How smart am I with the title of this post and all the P's hehehe, hope everyone had a good weekend, wishing you all an awesome week.



  1. Nice! I like the gathering at the bottom of the blouse. Very nice fabric too. The second outfit is equally gorge. ;-)

  2. Love, love,lovee your outfit and your hair! What extensions did you use pls?

  3. lovely ur tailor did a good job.

  4. your tailor is very good. Please now, send details. I need a tailor in my life!!! so many aso-ebi waiting to be sewn. Help a sister out. hehehehe. thanks.