Where to Shop in Nigeria : 24 Diamonds (Lagos)

Hey guys, we've been naughty, please forgive us, hehehe. Keeping up with the blog is not always easy, we hope you understand... So we are starting a series called "Where to shop in Nigeria". We always get emails from people asking for where to shop in Nigeria, unfortunately we never really have all the answers... and so we are taking it upon ourselves to hunt down fashion stores/boutiques in Nigeria.

Our very first store in the series is "24 Diamonds" and is located at No 14 University Road, Yaba Lagos.

We went on a very sunny Saturday afternoon and it was definitely worth our time. From party to casual to formal dresses, skirts, tops & trousers 24 Diamonds had it all covered, it was nice to see the variety that 24 Diamonds offered. The owner of the store is a very pleasant lady who frequently gets new stock to catch up with the demand for her stuff. These are some of the things that caught our eyes at 24 Diamonds.



More Dresses...

 One of the customers modelling for us





These are only a few of the fabulous things 24 Diamonds has to offer, what are you waiting for? shop shop shop!



  1. quite a number of good stores on university road, i have shopped there a number of times, good prices too

  2. great collection of dresses and skirts.Just out of curiosity, what's the price range?

  3. Hey @chic therapy, how could we not have mentioned that. We found on average prices were between 4-7 thousand Naira for dresses (depending on if its a party or casual dress), and about 4-5 thousand for the tops and skirts. They also do regular sales where you can purchase for way less than these prices. Hope this helps.

  4. Fantastic prices too!!I always went past these stores on University road when i was in Naija but never thought to enter. They really have amazing stuff.Thanks for replying...Chic Therapy

  5. Lovely pieces I must say..the dresses n blouses really got me..No 14 University Road right? wld visit Asap.. Thanks S & S..Good job

  6. Pretty pieces I must say..The dresses n blouses really got me..University road right? Must visit Asap...thanks S n S' Good job.