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Everywhere I turn everywhere I go all I see is peplum this peplum that, it is such a hot trend right now its unbelievable. Not that I am complaining, infact I am a big fan of the peplum trend mainly because I really love frills and ruffles on clothes, they are so delicate and feminine exactly my cup of tea. Its funny because the peplum trend has existed long before now, infact I have two peplum dresses from 3years ago so its just crazy how hot peplum is right now, it is probably the most popular "aso-ebi" style in Lagos at the moment, lol... Some eye candy for you, peplums I am really feeling right now...

Structured peplum from Lanvin, one word AMAZING!!! I can't get this image out of my head, it is from the latest Lanvin campaign and features this 82year old woman, she appears like some known fashion icon but in reality she is actually a regular everyday woman.

 This £24.99 H&M blouse is already sold out online, no surprises here

Custom made by my tailor, this was a Sunday Best from 2months ago I think

LBD Peplum Perfection

Pretty Marchesa Dress

More interesting are the peplum trousers, methinks this is definitely a more refined version of the "skousers" who remmbers those? Well my fellow fashionistas it looks like the skousers are making their way back in (sort of) in form of the peplum trousers, check out these ones from Zara

Now this post actually feels like a "pep talk" ,LOL. Enjoy the rest of your week guys.



  1. love the peplum trend! pretty pictures! x

  2. I Love Peplum and Yes my next aso ebi style will be peplum
    k at

  3. Love your outfit! Love the colour combo

  4. Peplum-Mania, but I love it! Need to go Peplum shopping!

  5. I know right, i was saying to myself the other day, that the peplum trend has been around for a while.Even as far back as '08, people were using it for their aso ebi!It is indeed a beautiful style.

  6. o my Gosh! I remember skowsers!! hahaaha..
    Peplum is absolutely gorgeous (on other people) lol

  7. Looove peplum because it creates the illusion of the figure 8 I do not

  8. I am so in love with these peplum trousers.
    Lovely blog.
    We follow each other?

  9. L O effing L! Skouzers!!!!! LOOOOOL

  10. Peplums brilliantly conceal any extras, love them, lol..Oh and that photo of the 82year old lady is just stunning..