Crown Jewels

 Top- H&M, Skirt- Vintage, Shoes- Zara, Necklace- Zara, Earrings - River Island, Bag- Lulu Guinness

My last bunch of pictures from pixelsbysavo ... I love love this necklace, one of my best Zara purchases this year, and my "shoe of the year 2012" award definitely goes to these sandals LOL, they are slowly giving up now but its okay, I've definitely got my money's worth.

Its Friday and I'm ready to.... never mind... I'm really looking forward to the weekend anyways, have a wonderful  weekend guys... And remember to always be thankful.


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  1. Stunning necklace! Those sandals are quite lovely! :)

  2. Experiment with different lipstick colors cos red ages u a lot and minimize ur use of black liner all the time.You r beautiful but the makeup is ur blog.

  3. I agree with you @Anonymous I need to use other lip colors, half the time I'm way too lazy to bother, I just use my Russian Red lip gloss out of habit/convenience ....However I wouldn't say that the make up is outdated

  4. Luv ur blog!
    Have you ever considered that this closed weave (on the side) looks kinda funny? I mean, it's quite off and I've seen you ladies rock much better styles than this.
    Keep up the good work, nonetheless!

  5. @anonymous thank you, yes I agree, I don't fancy the closed weave that much BUT sometimes I can't help it as my natural hair wouldn't blend with my weave and I'm really bad with wigs :o(