Sunday Best

Hey guys!!. You know what Sundays are, dress up day!!. I was going to wear this to church but i ended up not going. Forgive me Lord.
I got this dress in January and i hadn't gotten the chance to wear it yet, so i decided to give it a spin anyway.
                         Don't you just love these shoes?. My darling friend, Jen got them for me for my birthday, aren't i lucky?

 In other news, i recently decided to grow out my hair as it's really thin and I don't want to be forty with a bald head. I (well, my mum) cut my hair like three times when i was younger and i have no plans to ever ever try it again. For almost three weeks now, i have done my best to resist doing a weave and between salon trips and buying hair products, I've nearly wrecked myself financially.

Hopefully I'll stick to my new routine and stay away from heat (thats my biggest problem for now).
Please if anyone has any helpful tips or has any experience with this, I'm all ears and eyes.
                                                 Dress- Vintage, Shoes- Zara, Clutch- H&M



  1. I like the retro look of the dress! The shoulder detail is awesome

    The length of your hair is nice. I think weekly or bi-weekly washing and conditioning helps sustain hair health. Hot oil and protein (egg, mayonnaise and olive oil) treatments are also good.

  2. I am not a big fan of pointed mouth shoes but I LOVE how you worked it! you look stunning!

    you should get flexi-rods and argan oil .. best things ever :)

  3. Awesome dress and your hair looks really good and healthy. As far as healthy hair tips go I would recommend washing your hair and deep conditioning once a week, using a mositurser and sealing with an oil frequently and doing protective styles. For more information kindly check out my hair blog

  4. Hi, I love your dress and I have followed this blog for a long time. Keep up the good work!

    I have some hair tips I would love to share with you.

    The first step is to get a wig or some wigs because for three months, I advice that you plait (didi) your hair so that the 'treatments' can work.

    Every two weeks, you will shampoo and deep condition.

    For shampoo, anyone will do but organic products are the best. (It does not have to be expensive).

    Deep conditioning is where the real work is. After shampooing, apply a mixture of shea butter, coconut oil, oilve oil and your organic conditioner. The amount of each to use will depend on the mass of your hair. there is really no measurement, just be generous :)

    Shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil are wonder products for the hair.

    Cover your hair in a plastic bag and leave for minimum of one hour to allow the hair absorb all the nutrients. Please don't use a dryer. Just cover your hair while you do other chores.

    After an hour, rinse off and let the hair dry naturally. Please don't comb wet hair. You can stay under a fan or let someone 'fan' your hair for you or just let it dry on its own.

    When it dries, get it plaited.

    Repeat this every two weeks for three months. You can do it for longer for better results.

    You have to be patient but I assure you that after four weeks, you will see remarkable results.

    Deep conditioning, letting the hair 'rest', avoiding dryers and chemicals as much as possible are the answers.

    Your hair will have more volume and it will grow.

    I have tried it so I know.


  5. Thank you so much Tonkabelle and Anonymous. I honestly never thought about wigs. I'm definitely going to give them a try.

  6. Was going to type a long post then I saw anon's comment. Great and simple advice.

    Definitely change your products to more natural based, less-harsh ones. Take out petrolatum and mineral oil products for coconut, sheabutter and olive oils.

    Blogs are your friends though they can be overwhelming and lead to product overhauling.

    Good luck with the hair journey!

  7. Dress looks gorgeous on you and love your heels.

    Lola x

  8. I absolutely love the dress and it looks lovely on you.

  9. Love your shoes. Check for hair tips. The bloger's hair will convince you.