Sisi Salewa

Oleku- Rococo @ L'espace, Necklace-Primark, Sandals-Zara

Hey guys, hope you had a good weekend, mine was so much fun, my cousin got married and you all know nothing brings family and friends together better than weddings, you can catch up with us on instagram :o) ... So over a week ago I got this top and wrapper (aka Oleku) at L'espace even though I specifically went there for a Clan dress... I am not a big fan of this Oleku trend but I was really drawn to the print, it reminds me a lot of the Louis Vuitton/Yayoi Kusama collaboration... I think it is a fun and chic way of playing around the typical traditional wear and I am down for stuff like that. What do you guys think? And how Prada'esque is my Primark necklace, love it.

Ofcourse I'll tell you the story behind the title of this post, right now one of the songs making waves "Beat of life" by Wizkid and Sarz has my name in its chorus, this will be the third song I know of that has my name in it, something about the name ;o) ... I have to run now, Monday is upon us again. Have a great week people.



  1. Sooo pretty!! love the pink!

  2. Looks good! I really want one.

  3. Love it, looks so stunning on you, trust you to find such a gem *literally* in Primark!
    Please do a few posts with your natural hair.

  4. Salewa sare wo le wa!!! Omo toh fine!!

  5. Nice blog Ʋ have got here,Am new to blogging,took me a whole day to go thorough couldn't dropmy. Blackberry phone cos of your blog. Promise to follow Ʋ through this jounery.keep it up Girls.

  6. Shalewa, please what type of fabric is this??