Where to Shop: Work Edition

Hey guys, it has been while since we did a 'Where to Shop' post for you. We recently received an email from one of our readers, asking where she could buy clothes to wear to work here in Lagos. This post is centred on just that.

During one of my visits to my friend's house, i saw some really nice dresses on her bed. I asked where she had bought them from and to my surprise she told me her sister who has a fashion brand called Adey,  made them. I honestly couldn't believe it, i took them off her bed and started inspecting them and i still couldn't believe they were made locally. The best part is that they are affordable. We really have real talent here in Lagos, so today i decided to share my new discovery with you guys.

These are some of the dresses she has made.

Are you are tired of wearing boring suits to work? Want to spice up your work wardrobe?. You can contact Adey by emailing adeyesho@yahoo.co.uk or call 07051103085.

Have a great week ahead guys.



  1. oh wow the dresses look really nice. Yay to 'made in Nigeria'

  2. Lovely pieces indeed. Love the black dress and the burgandy is lovely on.

  3. Wow, these ARE really cute! What's the price point like?


  4. Dresses are nice, love the detail at the back of the light brown one.

  5. Love! I've been looking for just this. Sending her an email. Custom dresses are the way forward.

  6. These dresses are lovely and have some really unexpected touches. Does she have a website?