Work Chic : Black and White Checkers

Top - Zara (old), Skirt - (ASOS),  Shoes - Bottega Venetta

Hey Guys, its friday (yayyyyyy).... At work we are sometimes given a little freedom to wear whatever we like on fridays, so today I decided to have a bit of fun with it... Lately I've felt like my work/job has taken over my life and I never really find the time to do the other things I love to do and its been crazy. I'm working on finding a balance with everything, suggestions from you guys are very welcome :o)

My checkered skirt is very on trend, just check out street style pictures from NYFW and you'll see what I'm talking about. I particularly love the texture of the skirt, it is jacquard (one of my favs). I've said that the combination of white, black and red is so cliche but they will always and forever look great together, lol. Have an awesome weekend guys.



  1. Yup...forever a classic! You can't go wrong with those colors. Looking good! I think the struggle with the work/life balance is everywhere...some days you just have to remember you need that 'me' time to recharge and actually be able to focus better on your job.

    Try leaving early on Fridays to either grab a drink with friends or a mani/pedi session. Whatever you choose to do, just make the time. Happy Weekend!!!

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  3. Very lovely skirt. Love the simple & chic look.

  4. you're really chic on these pictures

  5. I love your work style... I need a makeover!

  6. I am in love with this skirt