Sunday Best - Guipure Lace & Ankara Dress

Custom made dress by Kmila, J.Renee Shoes & Thrifted bag

I rocked this dress two sundays ago, it was my wedding anniversary (can you guys believe its been a year? glory glory hallelujah)... Clearly my love affair with guipure lace is not over and I really think that mixing it with unexpected fabrics like ankara, silk and chiffon is great if its done properly. The dress was made by Kmila who's been making really lovely dresses for me in the past year, you can find her HERE.

Happy Easter guys.



  1. Happy anniversary. Gorgeous dress, I love the lace detailing on it.

  2. I'm sorry Shally but there's nothing inspiring about this look. The style is very basic plus I can see the lining from underneath the dress. The tailoring is a little mediocre given your brand. Just being honest. Still love you

  3. I love the dress... where's the designer who made the dress and where's this location? Congrats on your wedding anniversary!!!

  4. Thanks look gorg..and many more anniversaries iJN

  5. Thanks Sarah and Sisi Yemmie and thanks Karen for making my dress :o) ...@SisiYemmie Karen made the dress and if you click the link in the post it'll take you to her instagram account.

    @Anonoymous I guess we all just like different things and it is okay not to like or be inspired by something I like and vice versa. The dress was made my someone who I've seen grow so much with her work in the past year & she keeps getting better everyday. There is a thin line between honesty and rudeness and it is always a good idea to express however you feel politely and if you can't or don't have any good/positive thing to say its always a better idea to keep quiet instead. Saying you love someone after pretty much pulling them apart doesn't change much, choose to be a better person and start with the words that come out of your mouth.

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