Who Wore it better? - Denim Jumpsuit

First and foremost, do we all agree that jumpsuits are a godsend. They are so easy and are mostly very stylish, you really don't need to do much with a jumpsuit. You guys know how much we love jumpsuits. Now, on the other hand, denim jumpsuits are a special breed. They are easily the coolest jumpsuits in JumpsuitLand. I never met a denim jumpsuit I didn't love. Honestly, if I had my way (and funds) I would buy all, but this is where common sense comes in. loll.

I was going to do a regular outfit post on the denim jumpsuit I bought recently, then I remembered that Salewa did a similar post last year. So I decided to make it a little more fun with a "who wore it better" post.

Who do you think wore their denim jumpsuit better? Let the battle begin!!

Jumpsuit- New Look
Ankle Boots -H&M

Jumpsuit - Zara
Shoes - Bottega Veneta

S & S


  1. Segi.
    Loved the braids with the look.

  2. Segi's photos look better because obodoyibo lighting is something else lol but you both slay in your different jumpsuits!