Chronicles Of a Bargain Queen: 1

I am an unrepentant bargain hunter, my thing is that you don't have to spend a fortune to look good or have nice things. I will not buy anything I consider expensive just because; unless it consumes me to the point where I either cannot sleep or when I manage to sleep it haunts me in my dreams (yeah that serious), then and only then will I buy it (for my sanity). If its not that serious, then I'm NOT buying until it goes on sale *sticks tongue out*.

By expensive, I'm not talking about standard expensive things like big designer labels, every now and again we definitely want to have those. I'm talking about basic high street stuff. I know that what is "expensive" is relative and so to each his own but I'm sure many will agree with me that save a few stores, baffs things are just expensive in this jand the UK. 
So what does a humble girl like me do? I wait till the shops are ready to speak my language they go on sale, then we can discuss. You may not always get your size on sale but if I could sleep well without buying it full price then all's well with the world, and if I find my size then yayy. Lets be honest, if you are in the UK Scotland for that matter or anywhere else that is cold you realise that you buy so many things you never really get to wear or wear them only to cover them up with thick jackets till its warmer, you might as well wait because by then they'll most likely be on sale.

Today I want to show boast to you guys some of my bargains... *Drum roll*

Let me tell you a story about these Topshop gems, in February I saw a pair on sale for £5 yupp £5, they used to be £75 would you believe it? They were the last pair and they were Size 41. I wear a Size 39 sometimes 40 depending on the style of the shoes. In all fairness I did not love these shoes at first sight and when I tried them on they fitted although slightly bigger, but as a sharp naija girl I was not letting them go so I bought them. Fast forward till today during my lunch break, (don't judge me,there's a mall near my office), I stopped by Topshop and saw these same shoes situated at the "last chance to buy" stand. Mind you this "last chance to buy" is quite deceptive because it comes off seeming like sale stuff but is actually not  I've since learnt not to fall for this ploy. Anyways I picked up these shoes and lo and behold they were still £75, haba something that was £5 in February. I then proceeded to the till to challenge make enquiries, Me: Hello, I got these shoes for £5 over a month ago, could it be that its been put in the wrong place? Topshop Girl: I'm afraid not, its definitely still full price £75 Me: eh ehn Topshop Girl: Hang on a second you are right, they are actually £5. Now these were Size 40 and fitted me perfectly, if I didn't love them at first, I do now £5 AGAIN come on. So that's how I got this lovely bargain twice.

I obviously cannot have both pairs and Segi has tiny feet, so I think I'll be giving out the Size 41 ones to one of our followers sometime later, so watch this space (yes yes bribery and corruption)

And to piss you guys off some more, guess how much this gem was?

£0.50p, I mean 50p (at this point I don't know whether to choose pride over shame or vice versa). It is Primarni, I had spotted a rack with a huge 50p sign hmmm interesting, I headed down to the rack and all I could see were hangers and ugly oversized clothes until I spotted the puffy arms/exagerrated shouders (which I'm a fan of), it hung on a Size 18 hanger but was actually my perfect size a Size 8.  Surprisingly, this top's not flimsy at all, the material feels really good :) .

So guys, am I the only one that loves a bargain or do I have many bargain hunting friends out there? Let me know your thoughts. I'm going to make this a mini-series and do more posts on my bargains/finds as well as giving tips on how hunt down bargains :)...Till my next post, take care guys.



  1. i can't believe the shoes were £5..wowuuuuuu

  2. £5 for those shoes??i realy want them....please im a 41 and i NEED those shoes, ask Bugo! I will beg for them...and stalk ur blog everyday till u hand them over!

  3. So, I need to come out of my shell and comment. Those shoes look hella neat. I'm a size 41, I'm interested and leave in the UK.

    don't mind paying a little extra too. You have to give us heads up on where you find these your bargains o

  4. LOL, thanks for the comments guys. Will keep you posted on the giveaway and I'll def be giving tips/heads up on bargains.

  5. As we all know I was the first person to comment and follow you guys and 41 def my perfect size, so Shally and Segz better pass me the shoes or else.....loll. no but for reals you guys need to look into it, if it takes my typing epistles every day no problem, this is day 1. Btw Segz, hope the next suprise includes getting free brazilian hair, heehehehe

  6. Gorgeous shoes..Like you, I love scouting for bargains as well...sadly i'm a size 7.Boo me!!!

  7. I want!!!!!!!!!!!Please!!!!!!i am willing to beg and grovel.

  8. :O Oh wow, lucky!! I'm such a bargain hunter but I can't even top that. Dayumm (Y)

  9. lol @sisiyemmie...
    Shally, it is true, she will not rest till she gets the shoes o..and you know i am in the middle..LMAO

  10. I don't believe in paying so much when you can pay less, so I could totally relate to this.

    Those shoes are nice, gosh. 5 pounds? Twice? That was really a good deal

  11. Been reading your blog for a while now but THIS post has me commenting... lol who doesnt like a good bargain. Nice write up by the way, looking forward to more from this mini series.

  12. lol, Bugo I'm in trouble with these shoes. Ms JB I know right, always feels good getting nice bargains. Bibi thanks for coming out to comment :) will do another post pretty soon :)