Biola's Birthday

Last weekend was our darling fashionista cousin and big sister, Biola's birthday. Not only is she one of the most amazing people I know in the entire world, her style also is to die for, I'm sure Salewa agrees with me. She is a truly special person. 

Her lovely friends planned a surprise dinner for her at a nice Thai restaurant. We had a really nice time. I've gained a little bit of weight so this dress was ideal, and it allowed me eat as much as I wanted without strangling my

Birthday girl, Biola. Don't you love her outfit
Check out the cute shoe.

Her friends

Happy Birthday Biola, we love you!!.

Dress- River Island, Bag- Vintage, Shoes- Zara (just realised this is the same as my last totally random)

Have a wonderful week ahead.



  1. You all look lovely.I love Shally's dress so much. x

  2. Biola looks stunning. Love-ly!

  3. happy birthday biola. you sure have style

  4. Love the prints on your dress Segi...y'all look good :)

  5. You look amazing and love that peplum dress :)
    You have a lovely blog :)I would appreciate it if you could take the time to visit my little blog at

  6. Biola used to go Jesus House in London? right? I'm sure it's here!

    Love the outfits